Top Entry Flange Reduced Port/Full Port Eccentric Half Ball Valve

Top Entry Flange Reduced Port/Full Port Eccentric Half Ball Valve
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KATA Top entry Eccentric half ball valve is used for pulverized coal injection, control gas,including particle fluid and powder conveying solid medium the best equipment, used in metallurgy, mineral processing production of pulverized coal injection valve. the eccentricity of the sealing surface structure, make the spherical can automatically compensate the wear, can maintain the valve sealing, long service life.the valve seal face are overlay welding alloy,the ball form is a C-type that solve the slurry in the industrial production and mixed flow liquid precipitation, dust and other medium in the pipeline, easy fouling and blocking, the valve is lax.the top entry structure design body into the overall, valve cover, were fitted to the upper seat from the upper load, sphere, seals, etc.Its advantage is repair and replace seat, don't need to ball valve removed from the pipeline, only to open the cover, push the ball out, this to the underground pipeline, especially atomic energy industrial ball valve to bring great convenience. 

Design features:

Design standard: ASME B16.34

End connection: ASME&GB&DIN&GOST

Fire-safe type

Anti-blow out stem

Anti-static design

Locking provision

ISO 5211 Std. Top flange connection

Product Range:

Nominal diameter: 2"~36"(DN50~900)

Pressure range: Class 150~300/PN16~PN40

Body material:  ASTM A216 WCB

               ASTM A352 LCB

               ASTM A351 CF3M/CF3

               ASTM A351 CF8M/CF8

Trims material: ASTM A216 WCB ENB

Seals material:  Surface Nitriding、TCC、13Cr、304、316、STL、INCONEL、MONEL、HASTELLOY ALLOY、Cu、Graphite、ETC.

End connection: BW、Flange、RF、RTJ、ETC.

Operator type: Wrench、Worm gear、Electric actuator、pneumatic actuator、ETC.

Working temperature: -29~600℃


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