High-performance Butt-type/Metal Seal Electric Double-eccentric Butterfly Valve

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Product Details

1.Description of the series product

815.830 Series high performance butt-type American -standard butterfly valve is an introduced and transformed foreign product by our factory . It  use a double -eccentricity butterfly plate fitted with a spherical surface, is equipped with a single -chip flexible lip-like sealing seat and applicable for the valves requiring a reliable sealing and good adjustability. This valve has a tight sealing performance and an extra-long duration and can be used for quick cutoff or flow adjustment .

Valve size:

815 W(wafer):  2 ½”-30”

815L ( Single Flange):2 ½”-60”

F815(150 Fire-safe) :3”-60”


830L(Single Flange):3”-36”

F830(300 Class Fire-safe):3”-36”


This Series high performance butt-type butterfly valve uses various structural materials, including those conforming to NACE requirement and anti-abrasive .Such special valves used for chlorine gas ,Oxygen,high vacuum,corrosive medium and in a low temperature environment can also be provided.

3.Deasign of offset shaft and eccentric butterfly plate

The seat ring is not touched with the buttrfly plate in the opened and intermittent positions

There are not wearing points on the upper and lower positions of the seat ring

Low torque ,requirement of the operation mechanism.

4.Fireproof Structure

The fireproof valve is subjected to the burning test per version 4 of API607 and the second portion of BS 6755.

5.The Shaft is reliably fixed

On the top end of the shaft there is a fix-ring , used to prevent the upper of the shaft from scurrying out of the gland in clase the shaft is broken accidentally.

6.Convenient seat ring repair and maintenance.

The seat ring is replaceable only by taking out the insert ,without need to remove both butterfly valve and shaft.

7.Have both flow cutoff and control

Available with a good control performance

Proporttional variation of flow characteristic curve

Wide adjustment range

Can be still tightly sealed even used for control.


* Pneumatic Cylinder/ Motor/ Gear/wafer/ Lever etc.

KAITAI, with over 20 years experience, is one of the professional high-performance butt-type/metal seal electric double-eccentric butterfly valve manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our good equipments are made by professionals using advanced equipment. Welcome to buy with us.