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Eccentric Half Ball Valve

Apr 05, 2017

Model NO.: DYQ340H

Connection Form: Flange

Nominal Pressure: JIS10-20K

Structure: Fixed Ball Valve

Function: Bypass-Valve

Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

Material: Stainless Steel

Driving Mode: Electrical

Channel: Straight Through Type

Type: Fixed Ball Valve

Temperature: High Temperature

Mode: Dyq340h

Specification: CE, SGS, CQC,

HS Code: 84818010

Product Description

Product Description



A. Design and manufacturing: AP1608

B. Inspection and test: API 598

C. Flange ends: ASME/ANSIB16.10

Technical specifications of Top-entry Eccentric Half Ball Valve

Descriptions: Top-entry Eccentric Half Ball valve


A. Good Seal performance: Metal sealing seat end setting spring ensure sufficient jacking force, the valve is in use process in spring, sealing wear under guarantee good sealing valve, And when the medium pressure, the medium to high in the sphere of unbalanced force guarantee seal.

B. This type of valve stem, set something poured sealing structure, to ensure reliable sealing filler

C: As long as the loading Design discharged the bonnet for repair or replacement parts

D: Widely used in powder, Granules, high viscosity medium

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