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Eccentric Semi-Ball Valve / Segment Half Ball Valve

Apr 05, 2017

Model NO.:BQ340H-10C

Material:Stainless Steel

Connection Form:Flange

Driving Mode:Manual

Nominal Pressure:ANSI CLASS 150-900

Channel:Straight Through Type

Structure:Fixed Ball Valve

Type:Fixed Ball Valve


Temperature:Normal Temperature

Application:Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Coal Power/Dusty Gas/Slurry

Straight Through Type Structure:Easy Open and Close



HS Code:84818040

Product Description

Dedusting system specilized eccentric semi-ball valve is a kind of new developed hemisphere valve that is specillized for transportation of two-phase fluids of "solid contains -gas" medium, it is mainly used for cutting off,adjusting and changing direction of medium in the pipeline. Relying on many experience of development and research team, on the basis of absorbing technology of wafer type Maxiflub-stellventile produced by CANALI, Our company designed the dedusting system specilized eccentric semi ball valve together with Zhengzhou University Materials Institute, the valves structure performance has been optimized by Lanzhou University of  Technology, the valve widely used for  two-phase fluids of "solid contains -gas" medium of blast furnace gas dust removal system and alumina conveying in metallurgical industry,especially for dedusting system. The valve has widely gained the recognition and praise from our customer.

 BQ type semi-ball valve is designed by eccentric chocking principle and self-locking function to realize reliable sealing. Double eccentric is the relative radial disbalance E between the stem center and the flow channel of the valve center, the relative radial disbalance e between the sealing face center and the stem center(rotary center of the sealing face),details please see the above.

Since the eccentric structure of the semi-ball valve,when the hemisphere opens about 8° from the closed position,the hemispherical sealing surface almost completely separates from the valve seat sealing surface,thereby reduce wear between the valve seat and valve disc sealing when opens and closes.When the valve disc is closed,the good wedge principle between the valve disc and valve seat sealing surface can effectively cut off the solid particles on the sealing surface of the valve disc, therefore,the semi-ball valve has a good self-cleaning effect on the sealing surface. 


-Bag dust removing(steel,thermal power plant,chemicals aluminium) pneumatic conveying system

-Steel plant blase furnace radiation system 

-Steel plant blast furnace pulverized coal injection system

-Coal pulverized transporation and storage tank system

-Cola chemical industry coal slurry preparation

-Coal oil rewaxing system

-Soda ash industry:carbonizer,mother liquid 1,mother liquid2 ,ammoniacal 1,ammoniacal2,heavy dust,soda,Melamine,

alumina evaporators system, decomposing systems

-Chemical,alumina,power plant,steel:water circulation system -Sewage treatment 

-Thermal piping

-Long distence water pipeline

-Balck water and ash water system

-Vacuum salt :brine purification system

-Non-ferrous Metallurgy

-Hydropower:water supply system

-Paper and pulp:white water system

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