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Electric butterfly valve installation and maintenance instructions

Dec 21, 2018

Installation and maintenance instructions for electric butterfly valve

 1. Clean the valve cavity and sealing surface before installing this valve. Do not allow dirt to adhere and affect sealing performance. Regularly clean the sealing surface and the screw for lubrication.

2. The electric device, the rear handle and the screw rod are not allowed to be used for lifting.

3. When cleaning the valve cavity, the impurities in the pipeline to be installed should be cleaned (cleaned) to prevent the dirt impurities from crushing the sealing surface and affecting the sealing performance.

4. The valve should be controlled by the control box or manual device during use, and no other auxiliary tools should be used. 5. When the valve is not used temporarily, it should be stored in the drying room, and the two ends are blocked. It is not allowed to stack the products arbitrarily to avoid damage to the relevant parts of the product.

6. Before the valve leaves the factory, the opening and closing positions of the electric equipment are debugged. When the valve is installed on the pipeline and then commissioned, first switch to manual operation to open the butterfly valve plate to about 30 degrees, and then restore the manual operation to electric. According to the electric equipment manual, wiring diagram, control schematic diagram, after the correct wiring is confirmed, the valve on the control box is used to open and close the valve. Remember that if the power cord is reversed, it will cause the trip switch to malfunction, damage the worm gear and the electric and electric butterfly valve.