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How does the three-way ball valve work?

Jan 05, 2019

Three-way ball valves are available in T and L versions. The T-type enables three orthogonal pipes to communicate with each other and cut off the third channel to function as a split and merge. The L three-way ball valve type can only connect two pipes that are orthogonal to each other, and cannot simultaneously maintain the mutual connection of the third pipe. So everyone knows how the three-way ball valve works?
The working principle of the three-way ball valve determines that the valve body has three ports, one in two or two in one out; unlike the ordinary valve, when the inner valve core is in different positions, different outlets are turned on, such as when the valve core is in the lower part, The left and right are connected, and the lower outlet is closed; if the spool is at the upper part, the lower left is connected, and the right outlet is closed.
The working principle of the three-way ball valve is mainly shared by the above. When we operate the three-way ball valve, we should know how it works.