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How to install the three-way ball valve?

Jan 12, 2019

The three-way ball valve has some unique advantages unique to its own structure, such as the switch without friction, the seal is not easy to wear, and the opening and closing torque is small. So what methods do we generally use when installing the three-way ball valve?
Here's how to install the three-way ball valve:
1. First, it is necessary to remove the protective cover on both sides of the flange end, and rinse and clean the valve in a state where the valve is fully opened;
2. Before installation, it is necessary to carry out the whole machine test according to the specified signal, and then it can be installed after passing the test;
3. Before preparing to connect with the pipeline, it is necessary to rinse and remove the remaining impurities in the pipeline;
4. During installation, please do not use the actuator part of the valve as the lifting point for lifting to avoid damage to the execution structure and accessories;
5. Valves of this type need to be installed in the horizontal and vertical directions of the pipeline;
6. After connecting with the pipe, it is necessary to cross-lock the flange connection bolt with the specified torque.
When we install the three-way ball valve, we should pay attention to the above several methods. The correct installation of the three-way ball valve is what we all need to know.