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Metal hard seal butterfly valve pipe installation and valve maintenance precautions

Dec 22, 2018

Maintenance and installation precautions for metal hard seal butterfly valves:

Pipe installation matters:
First: The metal hard seal butterfly valve looks at the pointer on the valve drive actuator before installing the pipe to see if the valve is closed.
Second: Open the valve to open the valve 90 degrees before installing the valve, clean the protective oil on the sealing surface, and the stain on the seat. After cleaning, close the valve.
Third: After the pipe is welded to the flange, the welding slag left in the pipe is cleaned. If it is not cleaned, the valve is easily leaked or stuck between the sealing surface or the valve stem.
Fourth: During the installation process, the installation flow direction of the one-way sealing butterfly valve should be consistent with the direction of the flow arrow on the valve body.
Valve maintenance manual:

Metal hard seal butterfly valves require maintenance during use:
First: the manual valve drives some of the gears to fill the lubricant.
Second: Fill the valve gland seal with oil and lock the nut.