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Special precautions for pneumatic valves during transportation

Dec 23, 2018

Because pneumatic valves are often damaged during transportation, pay attention to the following points to avoid similar situations.

1. Both sides of the pneumatic valve should be provided with a light blocking plate and a solid seal.

2. The medium and small caliber pneumatic valves should be bundled with straw ropes and transported by container.

3, large-diameter pneumatic valves also have a simple wooden frame solid packaging to avoid damage during transportation. With the recovery of the world economy, the import and export of valve products in China has also increased. However, due to the large gap in high-end technology compared with foreign manufacturers, in the future, product technology will become a constraint on the development of China's valve products. bottleneck. Pneumatic actuators are divided into two types: positive action and reverse action. The so-called positive action is that the signal pressure is increased and the push rod is downward; the reaction form is that the signal pressure is increased and the push rod is upward. The output displacement of this actuator is proportional to the input air pressure signal. The larger the signal pressure, the larger the displacement of the push rod. When the pressure is balanced with the reaction force of the spring, the pneumatic valve push rod is stabilized at a certain position, and the pneumatic actuator has two kinds of angular stroke pneumatic actuators and straight stroke pneumatic actuators. With the continuous development of intelligent pneumatic actuators, intelligent valve positioners have become an indispensable accessory product. The intelligent valve positioner contains a highly integrated microcontroller, which uses the principle of electric balance (digital balance) instead of the traditional force balance principle, and converts the electronic control command into a pneumatic positioning increment to realize the valve position control; using digital opening and stopping The off signal drives the action of the pneumatic actuator; the valve position feedback signal directly passes the high-precision position sensor to realize the electric/gas conversion function. The intelligent valve positioner has the characteristics of improving output force and movement speed, adjusting precision, overcoming the friction of the valve stem, and achieving correct positioning. It is precisely because of the continuous intelligence of these accessory products that the pneumatic actuators are more intelligent.