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The stem of the globe valve connects the disc in mainly two methods

Nov 12, 2018

The stem of the globe valve connects the disc in mainly two methods
T-Slot construction
Disc nut construction
The only difference between the two construction types is that in T-slot construction the disk slips over the stem whereas in the disk nut construction, the disk is screwed to the stem.

Valve Seat

The valve seat can either be an integral part of the valve body or screwed into the body.


Most of the valves have backseat arrangement – a design which provides


The gland packing of the valve is subjected to wear and tear and thus needs to be changed after sometime as the sealing quality will reduce.

Moreover, continuous opening and closing of the valve leads to damage to the metal of the valve seat. Lapping paste is applied to the seat to make the surface smooth and remove any clearances.

Uses: Globe valve is used in applications where variable pressure is required in the pipeline such as emergency bilge suction line etc. It can also be used as a non return valve. The type of valve where the disc is not attached to the spindle is called screw down non-return valve.  This type of valves is used for preventing back flooding. The type of valve wherein the disc is attached to the spindle is known as screw lift type valve.