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V-type regulating ball valve

Jan 17, 2017

Qv347, Qv647, Qv947 as the ball v-type regulating ball valve core with a v-shaped structure, the seat has a shearing action. Therefore suitable for papermaking, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industrial enterprises contain fiber or small solid particles in suspension medium on the technological parameters control, especially suitable for pulping and papermaking pulp black liquor, white water, in the process of production, such as white liquor suspended particles of fluid and the strong, muddy fluid automatically adjust slurry.

The v-shaped ball valve are fixed ball valve, is also a single seat sealing ball valves, regulating performance is the best in ball valve, flow characteristic is equal percentage, adjustable ratio of 100:1. Between its v-shaped incision and metal seated with shearing action, especially suitable for fiber, tiny solid particles and slurry medium

Three-way ball valve with T and L. T can make three orthogonal pipes unicom and cut off the third passage, shunt, rivers. L can only connect two orthogonal pipes, cannot maintain the third pipeline connected each other, only assigned role.