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What are the functions of high platform ball valves?

Jan 12, 2019

The closing member of the high-platform ball valve is a ball, and the ball is rotated around the center line of the valve body to open and close a valve. High-platform ball valves are a common ball valve. So what do you know about the role of high-platform ball valves?

 The main function of the high-platform ball valve is to act as a cut-off, dispense, and change fluid direction in the pipe. The existing high-platform ball valve stems are basically filled with packing seals. The sealing effect is very good under constant pressure conditions. When the pressure in the pipeline rises or decreases, the sealing performance at the valve stem will be reduced. Thereby shortening the service life of the high platform ball valve.

The sealing structure of the high-platform ball valve is appropriately changed. The sealing structure adopts a combination sealing method of an O-ring, a packing and a thrust washer, and the valve stem is directly sealed by a thrust washer at a low pressure. The increase or decrease in pressure due to unstable factors ensures that it has a good sealing performance and thus prolongs its service life.