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What is the difference between a copper butterfly valve and a stainless steel butterfly valve?

Dec 24, 2018

Comparison of stainless steel butterfly valve and copper butterfly valve

Stainless steel butterfly valves are widely used in various industries, and are also one of the valve products that must be purchased by various manufacturers. When selecting the specific valve parameters such as the model diameter of the valve, the customer should also pay attention to the choice of the valve manufacturer, only the reasonable choice is advantageous. The valve can really make the most of it, and the after-sales service is also very important. It can ensure that the valve is not interfered with by accidents or events, and maintenance and repair.

The stainless steel butterfly valve is made of stainless steel. It is mainly used for the connection and control of the pipeline. It is used in various fields. In the latest technology of the butterfly valve, the sealing form and sealing material of the stainless steel butterfly valve are rubber and other materials. Used in various environments, our McKesn valve will explain the comparison between stainless steel butterfly valve and other valves, the difference between stainless steel butterfly valve and copper butterfly valve, stainless steel butterfly valve and ordinary butterfly valve, etc., detailing the knowledge of stainless steel butterfly valve and competition in the market. .

Stainless steel butterfly valves and copper butterfly valves belong to the same kind of valves. They have similar characteristics and have their own differences. At the same temperature, the medium temperature range of copper ball valves is higher than that of stainless steel under the same pressure, each with its own A bit, for example, the temperature is higher than 80 degrees, the copper butterfly valve is used because it is stable and reliable at high temperature, and the service life and performance are not as good as stainless steel, that is, the temperature is high and the temperature is high at 80 degrees. It is better to use stainless steel butterfly valve, because stainless steel has strong ability to resist abrasion and corrosion. Stainless steel is much stronger than copper in material. When copper valve is used for a long time, the price is stainless steel. Also cheaper.

The difference between stainless steel butterfly valve and ordinary valve is summarized as follows:

1. The cross section of the valve is equal to the width of the channel; the ultra-wide type can be made into a double lifting point to open and close;

2. Strong adaptability to channel depth;

3, rubber seal, good water stopping performance;

4, stainless steel production, good corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel butterfly valves have been widely used in the market, and there are certain problems. The valve needs to be improved, and the technology is the first productivity.