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What is the difference between a floating ball valve & a trunnion ball valve? How to select them?

Sep 14, 2017

What is the difference between a floating ball valve & a trunnion ball valve? How to select them?

Floating ball spheres is floating in medium pressure function, ball of displacement and physical produce certain tightly compressed the seal surface in exports, ensure outlet seal. 
Floating ball valve small volume, light weight, simple structure, good sealing, but ball work under medium load all passed to export sealing ring .So we must consider sealing materials can withstand the work load. Ball media This structure, widely used in low-pressure valve.

Trunnion ball valve sphere is fixed, do not produce mobile after pressurized. Trunnion ball valve with floating seat. After medium pressure, seat produce mobile, make seal tightly compressed in ball, to ensure that the seal. Usually in the upper and lower with ball bearing, operation with shaft torque is small, be applicable to the high pressure and large diameter valve.

Trunnion ball valve suitable for various in high pressure piping, used in the medium truncated or connect piping, choose different material, which applies to water, steam, oil products, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, coal gas, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and so on widely used in petroleum chemical power water conservancy and other industries. Trunnion ball valve common driving way for worm gear, manual and electric and pneumatic. Most trunnion ball valve are flange connection, but also have welding form of trunnion ball valve.

Floating ball valve features and performance

Small volume, light weight, simple in structure and function, with freely floating ball can better guarantee seal; Ball valve with circular hole sphere as on-off pieces, in stem drive next ball around stem centre for 0 ~ 90 degree rotated, complete opening and closing functions; With compact structure, turning the characteristics of quick opening 90 degrees, can close the valve, cut pipeline medium; Sphere passage diameter and pipe diameter, the same small flow resistance, circulation ability; Stem to remove theatrical makeup and costume type, to eliminate the stem wear out the accident happened, to ensure the safe use of;