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What valve temperature can withstand 1200 degrees high temperature flue gas butterfly valve

Dec 21, 2018

Our company's latest development of high temperature ultra-high temperature flue gas butterfly valve, the highest temperature can withstand temperature of 1250 degrees, suitable for industrial furnace flue gas system, cement plant kiln system, steel plant ultra-high temperature flue gas system, engine exhaust gas exhaust system.

This series of high temperature butterfly valves are made of high quality temperature resistant steel lining refractory. The maximum temperature can reach 1150 °C (using water-cooled structure design up to 1300 °C, instantaneous high temperature 1400 °C), advanced structure design, high temperature resistance, easy Maintenance, use sensitive, reliable performance.
Main performance parameters of GcD941W high temperature flue ventilation butterfly valve:
Nominal pressure 0.6MPa
Shell test pressure 0.15MPa
Applicable temperature 450 ° C ~ 650 ° C, 650 ° C ~ 1150 ° C, 1150 ° C ~ 1300 ° C
Applicable medium High temperature gas, dusty gas
Leakage rate Ordinary type ≤3% Yes, low leakage type ≤1.5%
Valve body Q235-A, 0Cr18Ni9, OCr25Ni20
Valve plate 0Cr18Ni9, OCr25Ni20, GH3037
Valve shaft 0Cr18Ni9, OCr25Ni20, GH3037
Filler High temperature flexible graphite + Inconel
Lining refractory