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Ball Valve Related Production Standards

Sep 05, 2017

     GB Stainless steel Flange ball valve design standard 1, design and manufacturing standards according to: gb12237-1989 Universal valve flange and butt welding steel ball valve 2, structure length in accordance with: GB12221; 3, connecting end dimensions in accordance with: Jb/t79, GB9113, HG20592; 4, inspection and testing in accordance with :/9092, gb/t13927-1992 universal valve pressure test Ball Valve

     American Standard stainless steel flange ball valve design standards: 1, design and manufacturing standards according to: ASME B16, etc. 2, structure length according to: ASME B16.10; 3, connecting End dimensions according to: ASME B16.5, ASME B16.25; 4, inspection and testing by: API598; 5, fire protection design according to:; stainless steel exhaust valve method Lanju plug Valve solenoid valve wire button cut-off valve water solenoid valves, gas pressure relief valve.Ball Valve

     GB pneumatic fixed ball valve and Bow pneumatic fixed ball valve difference: pneumatic fixed ball valve applicable to chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, and other industries and contain hydrogen sulfide medium, impurities, corrosion of serious natural gas long-distance transmission pipe. and pneumatic fixed ball valve with a new series of GT-type pneumatic actuator, dual-acting and single acting (spring reset), gear transmission, safe and reliable; large-caliber valve with a series AW-type pneumatic actuator pull fork-type transmission, reasonable structure, large output torque, there are two-acting and single action.Ball Valve

     Pneumatic fixed ball valve accessories options are as follows: According to the different control and requirements can choose the following accessories: Cut-type accessories: Single electronic control solenoid valve, double electric control solenoid valve, limit switch back to the device. Adjustable accessories: Electrical Locator, pneumatic positioner, electrical converter. Gas Source Treatment Accessories: air filter Pressure reducing valve, gas source processing triple pieces. Manual mechanism: Hvsd hand-operated mechanism.Ball Valve