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Butterfly Valve Structure

Oct 11, 2017

The butterfly valve is a kind of structure of the butterfly valve. It is mainly used in the pipeline of the metallurgical blast furnace hot blast furnace system. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, flexible action and convenient installation and disassembly. Therefore, the connecting rod butterfly valve in the hot air furnace system of air, gas, flue gas and other media has been widely used.Butterfly Valve

Link butterfly valve structure, which is mainly driven by the device, valve plate, valve body, spindle, bar and other components. The opening and closing of the valve is driven by the drive device to drive the spindle movement, in order to achieve the valve plate to open and close. Whether the valve is open or closed, the valve plate and its associated parts are always surrounded by the medium. When the valve is closed, the valve plate to bear all the pressure of the media, it will cause the plastic deformation of the valve plate, and then cause the interlocking parts caused by deformation; when the valve is opened, the valve plate will be washed by the media, Caused by the vibration of the valve plate itself, which will also speed up the damage to linked parts, especially at the hinge of solid self-lubricating bearings damage. Therefore, the rod butterfly valve plate life is the life of the rod butterfly valve.Butterfly Valve

From the technical point of view of the structure of the valve plate analysis, we can see that the valve plate consists of three parts: vertical plate, plate, large round steel plate. If the use of such a structure of the valve plate, pad and vertical plate can be directly under the material forming, and large round steel plate workers need to first calculate the size of the material, and then make the required curvature of the tire with tire Large round steel plate forming, and finally with the other two pairs of welding.Butterfly Valve

And the main problem lies in the manufacture of crimping tire this step, the central part of the valve plate for the arc, the edge is a plane, which requires each to do a specification of the valve, it is necessary to do a tire, or can not press out the required shape. This is an increase in the enterprise's manufacturing costs.Butterfly Valve

It can be seen that the maximum deformation of the whole valve plate on the two vertical plate, this time the maximum deformation of 1.69mm, which will cause the valve plate connected to the pin and sleeve by the great damage. Is the hot air furnace cold air duct DN1700 cold air valve damage (cold air pipe pressure is 0.47MPa, the temperature is 350 ℃), the valve damage is caused by the valve plate connected to the pin bending, the pin at the self-lubricating bearings are completely squeezed broken.Butterfly Valve