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Ceramic Ball Valve

Aug 28, 2017

                  The ceramic ball valve is suitable for any medium except hydrofluoric acid and glass solution, the temperature can reach 500 degree pressure maximum 5.0MPA high corrosion, high wear, high temperature medium. All the media contact parts are structural ceramics, its chemical stability and hardness is very high (Rockwell hardness HRC90), second only to Diamond, therefore, the valve has very high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, and heat insulation performance, thermal expansion small, high hardness of the material medium or soft particles but also corrosive medium, this valve has unparalleled absolute advantage, is the only suitable for such media valves.Ball Valve

                  At present, it has been widely used in the desulfurization system of power plant, slag removal system and combustion system, the distillation process of alkali plant, the pulp system of paper mill, the ball adopts advanced grinding equipment and process manufacturing, ball roundness accuracy, good surface quality, and valve seat to research after the use of ZrO2 ceramic self-lubricating can achieve a very good sealing performance, completely changed the metal hard seal ball valve easy to leak, torque, sealing surface corrosion resistance and wear shortcomings.Ball Valve

                  The ceramic ball valve uses the structural ceramics mainly has the zirconia and the alumina two kinds, there are also two synthetic, the former strength is higher, the internal structure is more dense, can reach the Rockwell hardness of 85-90, the latter also up to 80 or so, the dense reason also because of the static pressure treatment; ceramic ball valve prophase has ceramic parts to do billet sintering stage, and then roughing.Ball Valve