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Check The Knowledge You Know?

Feb 04, 2017

Threaded valve: check valve or check valve, also known as one-way, its role is to prevent the line of medium back. Pump water off the end of the valve also belongs to check class.

Valve internal thread: according to the structure can be divided into lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly valve three. Lift check valve can be divided into vertical and horizontal. Check into single lobe, double valve type and Orange Peel three. Butterfly valve for the straight-through, over several valve in the form can be divided into threaded connection, flange connection and welding of three.

Threaded valve means relying on the flow of the medium itself automatically open and close the valve, the valve to prevent the media back, also known as non-return valve, check valve, reflux valve, and back pressure valve. Check valves are an automatic valve, whose main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, and discharge the container medium. Pressure valve which can also be used to exceed the system pressure may rise auxiliary systems provide supply pipeline. Check valve can be divided into the swing check valve (depending on the focus of rotation) and lift check valves (axial movement).


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