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China's Valves Industry Can't Realize Self-sufficiency

Apr 28, 2017

Currently, high-end valves still need to be imported, therefore, China's valves industry cannot realize self-sufficiency completely. For this situation, National Energy Administration, cooperating with China Valve Industry Association has already started nationalization of high-end valves for coal chemical industry, and made breakthrough.

At present, most of high-end valves in coal chemical industry such as inlet valve, lock hopper valve and high pressure oxygen regulating valve, depend on import. To meet the requirements of adjustment for China's energy structure, developing large scale coal chemical complete plants is one of 16 major technical equipments developed vigorously. Nationalization of coal chemical complete plants is also one of priorities.

With development of scientific technology, coal chemical technics have also been innovated. Plants with high parameter and large scale, have higher and harsher requirements for valves.  In recent years, research productivity, equipment, technical level and quality have been improved a lot, through innovation, digestive absorption and technical reconstruction, which make a great contribution to the nationalization of large scale equipments, such as nuclear power, thermal power generation and gas pipelines.

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