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China Valve Industry Differs From Foreign Valve Industry

Apr 25, 2017

In China, criticisms that refrigeration industry particularly small parts suffers are standardization and technicalization. At present, China valve industry has great differences from foreign valve industry. Comprehensive differences are mainly on four aspects: technological innovation capability, processing technology, quality control and equipments, process management. 

Insiders express that in industrial processes, valves are mainly used to control direction and flow rate of various fluids, such as water, oil and chemical liquids, etc. Coefficients that valves use are temperature, pressure and flow rate, etc. Control valves used in factory are reducing valves, pneumatic constant temperature valves, solenoid valves constant temperature system, proportional control valves constant temperature system, temperature control valves. When choosing automatic valves, categories of heat machines, requiring accuracy, quality of control valves, pressure drop, flow and structure, failure rate, credit of manufacturers and after-sales service should be taken into consideration so the valves can be economic and practical. 

In term of products, for easy assembly, low failure rate and according with requirements of automation, control valves are cost-efficient choice for dealers. Conventional pneumatic valves need tubing, solenoid valve and compressor. However, electronic valves are driven by motor. They are easy for assembly. Meanwhile, electronic valves just only need original control circuit, which can save costs. Moreover, motor actuation has smooth on-off without oversize instantaneous impact. For this, failure rate also can fall greatly. 

In recent years, with mechatronics developing, electronic valves usher unprecedented market. Enormous market has higher and higher requirements for electronic valves.

For operation efficient and saving energy consumption, automatic control valves application is an indispensable part. Manual valves and pneumatic valves commonly used in traditional industries have lower installation cost and efficiency than electronic valves. Electronic valves are also called as mainstream product in valve market. 

With technologies developing constantly, electronic valves are also developed into high technical content, high coefficient, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.       

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