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China Valve Industry Has Poor Technical Force

Mar 19, 2017

Various problems are existing in China valve industry. The main reason is that after Reform and Opening Up, the market expanded in haste while original state-owned valve corporations were closed or transferred in succession, having low mechanical industrial level. So, township enterprises or private enterprises were quickly developed in succession, with low starting point, weak technical force and simple equipment. Most of products were manufactured based on imitation. Adding with disorder market, problems were severe, especially the valve for feedwater and drainage.

A large number of global well-known valve manufacturers closed their own factories in North America, Europe and Japan, and transferred factories to China, India, South Korea and Central Europe to reduce manufacturing costs of valves and increase sale profit since the competition on global valve is more and more drastic. With China enhancing development and utilization of oil and gas, Chinese valve market expands substantially, making most of valve manufacturers pay more attention to establish plant in China. So, an upsurge that foreign valve manufacturers set up factories shows in China. Some enterprises even set up several plants in China, in order to reduce transmission distance and date of delivery.
Influenced by the factors such as the policy that Chinese government revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry, vigorous market demands and growing investments in industry, output value of valve in China is increased constantly. Valve is a product having extremely low earning and the competition on valve market is quite drastic. At present, Chinese valve industry is a labor intensive industry. Chinese valve industry still focuses on expanding quantity. Although the quantity of valve products made in China on global valve market is growing constantly, speaking right of valve market is not held by Chinese enterprises.
2015 reached 1.395 million tons, increasing by 19.59%, compared with the same period of 2014. In the first half year of 2015, the output value of Chinese valve reached 3.3027 million tons, growing by 15.45% year-on-year. In June, output value of valve was 641.9 thousand tons, increasing by 7.42% year-on-year.
Shortage of professionals has already become a bottleneck to limit Chinese valve industry to develop further. To figure out the problem, enterprises should enhance short-term training to their current employees, improving current situation of human resources. Improve intelligent factors of Chinese valve industry through different routes to import high-qualified talents. 
For further development, it is necessary for Chinese valve industry adjusting and optimizing industrial structure, not only giving full play to advantages of traditional valve industry, but also developing knowledge or technology intensive industry and newly developed industry, to boost valve industry to promote. Only in this war, the distance between Chinese valve industry and that in developed country can be reduced as soon as possible.


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