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Chinese WTM Extend Would Increase Valve Proportion

Apr 22, 2017

In the wake of Chinese energy conservation and emission reduction, speeding up cultivating and developing strategic emerging industry being put into effect, the constructive scale and service scope of Chinese wastewater treatment industry would be further enlarging. Wastewater treatment market constructive and operating market are accessed to high-speed development period, industrial integration is gradual unfolding, the market-oriented reform of wastewater treatment would be furthering ahead, thus, Chinese valve industry processes a promising market space in wastewater treatment market. Regarding to “environment, economic situation analysis and prediction in 2008-2020”, published by Chinese ministry of environmental protection planning institute and State Information Center (SIC), in the case of normally management standard, the investment of wastewater treatment ( includes govern and operate cost ) during Chinese “Second Five-Year plan” and “Third Five-Year Plan” are respectively 1.0583 trillion and 1.3922 trillion; and under the established control objective, Chinese wastewater treatment investment would be 1.2781 trillion and 1.5603 trillion.
The general demand of market would be continuously contained growing in manufacturing industry of indispensable butterfly valve, ball valve and brake valve, the market development is mainly affected by application market from downstream. Wastewater treatment market has great demand, with the increasing rate of urbanization and rapid growth of city population, the output of supplying water of tap-water industry and the treatment scale of sewage treatment works has been improved generally, therefore, wastewater treatment requires a large number of mud scraper and valve these kinds of environmental protection mechanical equipments.
At present, the complete plant of Chinese wastewater treatment still has big gap compared to the developed country. The comprehensive productivity of Chinese wastewater treatment is far from satisfying domestic needs. There are some disadvantages that the backward of breed structure, less of variety and weakness of explore capacity. Among the numerous products, common mechanical product and primary commodity have more proportion, the integration equipment of machine, electricity and instrument which has level of modernization is not very much or still in the start stage. Except some large scale environmental protecting key enterprises, most of enterprises are lack of self-development capacity.
Some products are poor quality and low in technological level. About thirty percent to forty percent of products are approximate to the level of sixties and seventies of the 20th century. Now at these domestic waste water treatment equipments, around one fifth of them belong to the limited production or obsolete product with time limited, and about two fifths of them are part of the section that needs to be modified. In spite of the domestic waste water treatment equipment has export, but generally speaking, exit facilities do not have high technical content, short of the exported category, variety and exported region, they do not have good competitiveness in the national market.
The waste water treatment equipment of some developed countries are now approaching to high level of modernization. Their wastewater treatment industry has these following features:

Firstly, they have achieved standardization, canalization, serialization and completely set in the treatment equipment of their municipal sewage and industrial wastewater, this constitute to a water treatment equipment industry which is full of category and high degree of commercialization.

Secondly, water treatment unitary equipment, such as deposit, filter, extraction, adsorption, microfiltration and electrodialysis these sort of being professionalizing scale production, the variety, specification and quality are relatively stable, and it has trustable performance parameter, it benefits a lot for customs in their selection.

Thirdly, the fully plant of municipal wastewater equipment, industrial wastewater treatment is tend to be specialization and completely set by more and more mature technology. 

Fourthly, the matchable commonly unit to water treatment such as draught fan, water pump, valve, etc, have been designed into specialization, and they are ready to be manufactured for satisfying the particular need.

Fifthly, in a certain extent, the short of water resource, eutrophia of water body, and drinking water security develop the wastewater advanced treatment equipment and the disinfection plant.

Sixthly, anaerobic treatment technology is brought to the forefront again, this promotes the use of high concentrated organic wastewater. 
With Chinese increasing urbanization and industrialized, the demand gap of water resource becomes larger day by day, and, in the meantime, Chinese distribution of global water resources varies widely and the average possession of water resource per person in China is little. Against this background, wastewater treatment industry turns to be an emerging industry, now it is in the equally important position to tap water production, water supply, drainage, water reuse industry, so its development of the industry is huge.

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