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Construction Scheme Of PE Ball Valve

Jul 11, 2017

             First, construction precautions: Buried depth in accordance with the provisions of gas construction, if the depth of the buried in excess of the construction requirements, the use of protective tubes. After digging the stone, gravel and other debris removal, and then with sand 10cm thick to flatten and pressure. The ball valve and the junction of the pipe should be maintained in a horizontal, vertical state after construction. and other burial materials should be kept apart from burial. Area heating, such as 60 ℃ above ground features: THP, such as the use of protective measures after the distance to maintain 30cm above the water pipe, electrical facilities, communication cable: 30cm to up and down water pipe: 20cm above.

             Butt weld Use should be noted: 1 to confirm the location of the ball valve installation: When the ground has water or moisture, change the installation location or the water or moisture completely removed, to ensure that the site does not sink, the foundation must be compacted. At this point the tube is adjusted to a horizontal position with the ground 2) the end of the tube is fixed to the welding machine after the start of the ball valve packaging, the at one end of the ball valve, if the fixed length of the butt welding machine is not sufficient, the ball valve can not be fixed with two fixed machines. The other end of the ball valve and the fixed machine to the same height, fixed → surface processing → heating plate installation → pressure welding → heating maintenance → bonding → cooling → welding machine separation 3) at the other end of the tube fixed after welding.Ball Valve

            Note: The identification arrows on the side of the ball valve must be consistent with the flow direction of the gas, and the inner surface of the ball valve should be blocked in the welding operation in order to prevent the inside of the ball valve from flowing into the different material. The pipe and ball valve should be welded horizontally and vertically, about 30 minutes after the welding machine is separated, the "T" type ball valve handle is removed from the box, assembled, and the handle is completely inserted into the knob. 6 to confirm the ball valve has no switch action: the ball valve adapter linear PE tubing length and direction must be marked (-) At this time is the state of the open, straight line vertical direction (‖) is now closed Ball Valve

           Off (Close): Rotate the adapter in a clockwise direction in the open State 90° Open (Open): In the closed state to rotate the adapter in the Counterclockwise direction 90°gear box top adapter룰180° around, the rotary Arrow 90° switch action completely closed state (full close), completely open state (fully open) state can not be aggressive open or closed 7) use of diffuse ball valve air tightness test 8 Ball valve knob around the use of sand laying.Ball Valve