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Fully Welded Ball Valve Product Structure And Characteristics

Jun 20, 2017

    As the seat is made of carbonated Teflon seal ring and disc spring, so the pressure and temperature changes to adapt to the pressure in the pressure and temperature range will not produce any slippage. City Gas: Gas output pipeline, the main line and the supply line and other feeder lines. Central heating: large heating equipment output pipeline, trunk line, feeder line. Hot switch: pipe and the circuit opening and closing. Iron and steel plant: all kinds of fluids

Pipes, exhaust pipes, gas and heat supply pipelines, and fuel supply pipelines. Various industrial equipment: all kinds of heat treatment pipes, all kinds of industrial gas and heat pipes.Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Features: all welded ball valve, there will be no external leakage and so on. The processing of the ball has advanced computer detector tracking test, so the ball of high precision machining. As the valve material with the pipe material

The same, there will be no stress uneven, nor will the earthquake and the vehicle through the ground when the deformation, the pipeline aging. Seal ring body with 25% Carbon (carbon) RPTFE material, to ensure complete No leaks (0%). Buried welding ball valve can be buried directly underground, do not build large valve wells, simply set up on the ground small shallow wells, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time. Can be applied according to the pipeline Work and design requirements, adjust the length of the valve body and stem height. The precision of the ball is very precise, the operation is light, no bad interference. Using advanced raw materials, to protect the pressure above PN25. With the same The same industry specifications of the product compared to the valve body is small, and beautiful appearance. To ensure the normal operation of the valve, the use of the case, the service life of more than 15 years.Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Features: 1. The valve body is welded by the steel pipe. 2. The ball pad is reinforced with polytetrafluoroethylene. 3. Stem with explosion-proof design. 4. Temperature range: -60-200 ℃ 5. Drive mode: manual or turbine drive.

6. Test standard: Api 598 Fully Welded Ball Valve