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Gate Valve Overview

Jul 11, 2017

             In many valves, the application of gate valves is one of the most extensive. A gate valve is a valve that moves in the vertical direction along the axis of the channel, which is used mainly as a cut-off medium, that is, full or closed. General Gate valves shall not be used as regulating flow. Gate valve can be applied to low temperature and low pressure can also be applied to high temperature and high pressure, and according to the different materials of the valve applicable to a variety of different media, but the gate valve is not generally used for conveying mud and other granular media pipeline.Plastic Card

             The advantages of the gate valve are small flow resistance, and the flow resistance of the orifice is similar to that of the short one. The flat gate valve with the guide hole is installed on the pipe and the pigging can be carried out directly with the tube. Since the gate is sliding on the two seat surfaces, the plate gate valve fluid can be applied to the media with suspended particles and the sealing surface of the plate gate valve is actually positioned automatically. VALVE seat sealing surface will not be damaged by thermal deformation of valve body. And even if the valve is closed in a cold state, the thermal elongation of the stem will not overload the sealing surface. At the same time, when the valve is closed, the flat gate valve without the diversion hole does not require a high accuracy of the closed position of the gate, so the electric plate valve can be used to control the opening and closing position. Because of the many advantages of gate valve, so the use of a wide range.Plastic Card

             Usually the pipe with the caliber larger than the DN50 is used as the device to cut off the medium, the gate valve will be selected, even in some small orifice canal roads are still in use. Gate Valves have a variety of different structural forms, the main difference is that the use of sealed elements in the form of different structures. According to the structure of the seal components, the gate valve is often divided into several different types, while the common form is the flat gate valve and the wedge gate valve, according to the STEM structure can also be divided into the lift rod (rod) gate valve and the rotary rod (dark bar) gate valve.Plastic Card