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Gate Valve Sealing Characteristics Conversion

Oct 19, 2017

In view of the above requirements, the valve shaft filler for life or not for more than ten years without replacement; valve packing should also be subject to frequent opening and closing, the sealing effect of the permanent; due to the network of soft seal gate valve, Of the requirements of the filler in a few years inactive, the filler is not aging, long-term to maintain the sealing effect.Gate Valve 

Stem bushing material, its hardness and strength should not be greater than the stem, and in the water immersion conditions and stem, the valve body does not form electrochemical corrosion. Soft seal gate valve parts of the material requirements is how? World pump Valve network to introduce you to the main part of the soft seal gate material requirements.Gate Valve Stem valve material, and strive to stainless steel stem (2CR13), large diameter valves should also be stainless steel embedded valve stem, soft seal gate valve leakage problem seriously threatened the normal operation of the device, and the operation of the valve and difficult to find out whether there is Internal leakage, the survey results show that the petrochemical enterprises to use a variety of valves in varying degrees there is an internal leakage problem. The reason is that the valve plate, the sealing surface of the valve seat material does not meet the requirements, the machining accuracy is not enough, the gate valve plate, the wedge angle of the valve seat does not match, the width of the sealing surface is different, the fit is poor, Immortality and other factors.Gate Valve Fire valve is designed specifically for fire pipe and fire pressure water supply equipment and supporting fire pumps and pressure tank and control system piping special valves, fire special signal valves can also accept and deal with a variety of fire signals and issued a variety of operating conditions signal. Elastic Block Sealed Fire Signal Gate valves are often used in automatic sprinkler piping systems to monitor water supply piping and can remotely indicate valve opening. Elastic seat seal signal gate valve and the opening degree of the gate valve is often used in fire water supply system, if the gate valve installation position from the ground is high, the general use of the lift-type gate valve, you can clearly see the valve opening instructions, if the installation location is low. You need to use the opening indicator valve. The Gate Valve