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How To Prevent The Media Back Check Valve Air Compressor

Feb 04, 2017

Check them belong to this type of air compressor valve, which includes swing check valves and lift check valves. Swing Check Valve with ordinary hinge, there is a door on the same disc as the freedom leaning tilt seat surface. To ensure that the valve position every time to reach the right side of the seat, the valve flap design in the hinge body to valve flap has enough to swing space, and make a real flap valve, comprehensive engagement with the valve seat. Valve can all be made of metal can also be embedded in the leather, rubber on metal, or synthetic coverage, depending on performance requirements. Swing check valve in the fully open position, the fluid pressure virtually unimpeded, so the pressure drop is relatively small air compressor through the valve. Lift check valve located on the valve body sealing surface located seat. This compressor valve in addition to the clapper is free to lift, the other part as the cut-off valves, fluid pressure from the valve seat sealing surface of valve lift, medium return valve flap led to a seat, and cut off the flow . Depending on conditions, the valve flap can be all metal construction, it can be a mosaic form rubber or rubber ring in the disc rack. Like off valves, fluid channels through the lift valve is narrow, so that by elevating the pressure drop valve than the swing check valve a little bigger, and swing check valves for flow restrictions very little.


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