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Introduction About Intake Valve Cleaner

Apr 28, 2017

CRC Industries Inc. has introduced the intake valve cleaner  which is designed to remove harmful deposits from all types of gasoline powered engines. The intake valve cleaner  achieves this by utilizing CRC’s advanced technology-based chemical solution – COzol – directly to the valves at 150 times the concentration of other premium fuel system additive on the market, the company says. It is easy to use – simply spray past the MAF sensor through the air intake.

"Deposits can form in any fuel system, but how much and how quickly they form has close relationship the quality of fuel and oil used, the individual’s driving style and engine type," says Adam Selisker, vice president of technology for CRC. "On GDI (gasoline direct injection) intake valves, particularly, the buildup happens far more quickly because they never get cooled or washed with fuel. As a result, carbon buildup can occur in as little as 5,000 to 10,000 miles leading to restricted airflow and higher operating temperatures. intake valve cleaner  effectively dissolves and lifts these deposits from valve stems and tops."

Excessive carbon deposit buildup can be the reason of a host of problems such as hard starts, rough idle, poor acceleration, decreased fuel economy, excessive emissions and power loss. When used every 10,000 miles, intake valve 

cleaner will help to increase power and torque, stabilize rough idle, solve rough starting problems, reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

According to Selisker, intake valve cleaner features a dual action spray system called PermaStraw that is easy to utilize. Most significantly, it reaches down into the recesses of the valves without the need for disassembling the intake manifold.

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