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Introduction Of The Characteristics Of The Track Ball Valve

Sep 14, 2017

       Track ball valve structure features: No wear and tear: the ball deviated from the seat after the rotation, eliminating the friction with the seat, the traditional ball valve, valve, plug valve seat wear problems. Single seat design: the static single valve seat of the track ball valve can guarantee two-way 0 leakage and avoid the problem of the pressure rising in the chamber of the double valve seat.Ball Valve

       Anti-wear hard sealing surface valve core: The valve core sealing surface surfacing a layer of cemented carbide, and polishing, can meet in very harsh media occasions under the seal. Double stem Guide pins: Stem guide groove, sliding along rigid guide pins, smooth control of the lift and rotation of the stem. Mechanical Wedge force: The bottom of the valve stem cam bevel, can provide a mechanical wedge force to ensure that the valve core and the seat of the continuous clamping force. Top-mounted design: After the system is unloaded, it can be inspected and repaired online to make maintenance simple.Ball Valve

       Internal leakage detection: The valve body is designed with a special device, can be on-line detection valve inside leakage. Low torque operation: Because of the track ball valve sealing surface without friction, small rotational torque, in addition to the large size of the gear to the outside, can be equipped with small gears. Best Flow characteristics: Full path and standard path have a high CV value, reduce the pipeline drag loss, so that the wear problem to a minimum. Self-cleaning: When the valve core deviated from the seat, the media can flow along the sealing surface 360 degrees, the impurities in the media will be washed clean.Ball Valve

       Can inject the seal grease: in the operation can carry on the maintenance, will seal the grease through the grease injector inject, completely controls the valve, prevents the leakage. Long life: Track ball valve can replace those sealed by the fault of the common ball valve, gate valve, globe valves, plug valve. The unique characteristics of the track ball valve can effectively reduce the failure rate of the device and greatly reduce the user's use and maintenance cost.Ball Valve