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KAITAI VALVE GROUP attended the 2nd China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition in 2017

Jun 13, 2017


   From 18th to 20th May 2017, the 2nd China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition & valve expo was held in Jakarta Indonesia, occupying over 6,000 square meters. The exhibition involved the main industry of the valves, electrical and mechanical products, hardware products and so on. The exhibition covered the whole areas of south-east Asia, which bought numerous high-tech products together of fluid machinery industry.


   Through this exhibition, KATA explained and showed to a large number of clients characteristics of the stainless steel & cast iron series ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve  and other product advantages and services. Because of this exhibition, KATA more directly understood of customers demand, and obtained the customer's valuable advice and suggestions. At the same time, we also received a lot of praise from our potential customers.


  With resort to this exhibition, KATA fully demonstrated its own technology research and development capabilities and machinery manufacturing level, highlighting the KATA brand strength, which will bring more and new opportunities of international development to us.