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Material Analysis Of Gate Valve

Aug 13, 2017

       1. Non-destructive See table: The use of material performance of various characteristics to identify without damage to valve parts and materials.

       2. Combustion identification: The use of material combustion properties to identify materials, commonly used metal materials are not burning. While rubber and plastics are easy to burn, they are lined in valves, sealed rings, gaskets, fillers, etc.Gate Valve

       3. Chemical Analysis: Analyze the content of various elements in the material by chemical analysis method, according to the material standard, check the table to determine the material grade.Gate Valve

       4. Spectral identification: The use of materials at high temperatures and high-energy excitation of emission spectra characteristics. The qualitative and semi quantitative analysis of alloying elements can be performed by spectral identification. But the carbon content of steel can not be determined.Gate Valve

       5. Wetting identification: The material soaked in solvents and corrosive liquids, according to its material deformation and corrosion degree to identify the material, according to the anti-corrosion Manual of different material corrosion resistance characteristics to distinguish,

       6. Section identification: From the sample cross-section of the color, grain thickness, angular and other characteristics to see the table material. Steel with low carbon content, fine grain size, gray-white color, steel with high carbon content, slightly coarse grain in cross-section and white color. The cross-section of alloy steels is fine, and the grains of high speed steels are finer.

       7. Spark identification: The use of steel in the grinding wheel to fly out of the fine powder, in the air in the rapid oxidation and bursting of the spark characteristics to identify the material. Different steel, the shape and color of the spark is not the same. Carbon in steel is the main element that causes sparks to burst. Carbon content under 0.6% carbon steel, with the increase in carbon content, the number of spark streamline gradually increased, pollen also gradually increased, brightness increased. For experienced workers, the accuracy of the identification of carbon content can reach 0.05%, while the identification of alloying elements is poor. So people usually use the combination of spark identification and spectral identification to identify the steel number.Gate Valve