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Optimal Design Of Connecting Rod Butterfly Valve

Sep 14, 2017

     The structure of the connecting rod butterfly valve consists of a drive device, a valve plate, a valve body, a main shaft and a rod system. The headstock of the valve is driven by the driving device to drive the rod system movement, thus realizing the opening and closing of the valve plate. It can be seen from fig. 1 that the valve plate and its connecting parts are always surrounded by the media, whether the valve is open or closed.Butterfly Valve

     When the valve is closed, the valve plate must withstand all the media pressure, in this way, the plastic deformation of the valve plate can be caused, and the connecting piece causes deformation. When the valve is opened, the valve plate will be washed by the medium and the vibration of the valve plate caused by the media flow, which will also accelerate the damage of the connecting parts, Especially the damage of the solid self-lubricating bearing at the hinge. Therefore, the life of the connecting rod butterfly valve plate is the life of the connecting rod butterfly valve.Butterfly Valve

     According to the structural characteristics of the connecting rod butterfly valve plate, the casting structure is not used in manufacturing the traditional valve plate mainly uses the form of welding, as shown in Fig. 2, the incompatibility plate on the valve plate is directly under the steel plate, the large round steel plate needs hot pressing forming after the material is pressed, and then it is welded with the vertical plate, and finally the machine is machined.Butterfly Valve

     From the technical point of view of this structure of the valve plate analysis, from FIG. 2, we can see that the valve plate consists of three parts: vertical plate, plate, large round steel plate. If the valve plate of this kind of structure is adopted, the pad and the vertical plate can be directly under the material forming, and the big round steel plate needs the craft personnel first calculates the next material size, then presses the request the radian to make the pressure form the fixture, the big steel plate is pressed with the fixture to shape, finally with the other two pieces of group to weld. Butterfly Valve

     And the main problem is in the manufacture of pressure-shaped fixture This step, you can see that the valve Plate center part of the arc, the edge is a plane, which needs to do a specification of the valve, it is necessary to do a fixture, otherwise it can not be pressed out of the desired shape. This invisibly increases the manufacturing cost of the enterprise.Butterfly Valve