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Pay Attention To The Selection Of Home Ball Valve

Sep 26, 2017

     Valve for our life is a very common part, civil valves at present ordinary families commonly used in general have gate valves, ball valves, triangular valves and other forms, generally iron or copper. Because of the good mechanical properties of copper alloy, it has the advantages of not easy to rust and strong corrosion resistance, so the copper valve has gradually replaced the iron valve. Triangular valve surface is basically used electroplating, its role is not only to control the flow of pipe media, but also can play a decorative role.Ball Valve

     The general connecting pipe and inlet hose of the triangle valve are used for water supply of nozzle and toilet, and there are connecting pipe and inlet hose for water supply of water heater. The gate valve is basically used for the connection between the pipe and the water meter, the ball valve is used for the connection of the pipe and the heater, and because the ball valve is more convenient than the gate valve, the current connection of the pipe and meter is mostly used. Master the choice of civil valves: different types of household valves should be selected according to the different requirements of users.Ball Valve

     The visual inspection of the valve, the surface should be no sand holes, electroplating surface should be evenly gloss, should pay attention to have no peeling, cracking, scorch, threadbare, peeling, black spots and obvious pitting, such as defects; spraying surface tissue should be fine, smooth and uniform, no flow hanging, threadbare and other defects. These defects will directly affect the service life of the valve.Ball Valve

     The pipe thread of the valve is connected with the pipe, in the purchase when the visual thread surface has no dent, broken teeth, such as obvious defects, the special attention is that the pipe thread and the connection of the effective length of the rotation will affect the reliability of the seal, when choosing to pay attention to the effective length of the pipe The effective length of the cylindrical pipe thread in general DN15 is around 10mm.Ball Valve