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Precautions For Sealing Butterfly Valve

Sep 26, 2017

     In order to meet high temperature, low temperature, strong corrosion, strong erosion and long life and other industrial use requirements, metal seal butterfly valve has become the fastest growing in recent years one of the valve varieties. In some special occasions on the metal hard seal butterfly valve seal put forward higher requirements, must be two-way pressure.Butterfly Valve

     At present, the metal hard sealing media valves in domestic and foreign markets adopt double eccentric and three-dimensional eccentric sealing principle, both of the sealing structures are in the positive flow state of the medium, the sealing effect is good, when the medium is in the countercurrent state, because the pressure of the medium is acting on the butterfly plate to produce the eccentric torque, which is unfavorable to the sealing of the valve. Furthermore, the reverse sealing performance is greatly reduced due to the clearance problem of machine processing.Butterfly Valve

     Because of the function of the wedge block and the dovetail groove, the valve increases the force sealing force, increases the sealing pressure and realizes two-way sealing. Combined sealing ring can be used in accordance with the needs of users to use PTFE as the main material processing of the soft sealing ring, from stainless steel and flexible graphite laminated pressure into multi-layer sealing ring or whole stainless steel metal sealing ring and other forms.Butterfly Valve

    Depending on the symmetrical setting of the left and right butterfly plate, respectively, with the valve body symmetrical setting of the left and right valve seat sealing fitting, no eccentric distance, forming two seals, thus greatly improving the reliability of the sealing performance, butterfly plate two-way 0 leakage. This product can also increase the water seal device in the middle of the valve body, it can be filled with water in the case of emergency or pipeline overhaul, which plays the role of safety guarantee and one valve two.Butterfly Valve