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Precautions For Use Of Gate Valve

Aug 14, 2017

     Knife-type Gate valve features: knife-type gate valve with the clamping structure, compact structure, small size, light weight, small footprint, easy to install, open the gate valve labor saving, reduce the labor intensity of maintenance workers. The bottom of the gate of the knife gate is the blade shape, which has the function of cutting off the material, fiber and sundries, and it is not easy to block the brake board, and has a good opening and closing effect. Reasonable sealing surface and packing seal design make the valve seal reliable. The brake plate has a plurality of support points, so that the gate has a good alignment. The upper end of the knife plate is equipped with a hard PTFE scraper to prevent the dust, gravel and other scraped substances into the stuffing box, improve the life of the Gate board.Gate Valve
    Usage and precautions: PZ73 type wafer type gate valve in our factory mainly used in heavy medium and coal slurry pipe, in the pipeline to do the use of the main cut-off, can not be used as regulating flow, the gate should be fully open or closed, so as not to seal and or the brake plate erosion, speed up wear, greatly reduce the service life. Installation should pay attention to the direction of valve installation, the brake plate has chamfer side for the valve close after the pressure side, valve body arrow direction for the valve after the opening of the flow direction of the medium. The valve should be used regularly in various parts of the movement of lubricating oil. Long-term use of the valve, packing wear, should be replaced in a timely manner, packing gland bolts should be evenly tightened, should not be pressed into a skew state, so as to avoid injury to prevent stem movement or cause leakage.Gate Valve
    Knife Gate valve in the washing plant in the process of the use of the pipeline, the use of good results, the installation and maintenance of workers, maintenance of labor intensity is low, the use of the process is mainly the brake body caused by serious wear and tear valve leakage, not strict, five or six months need to replace the whole set of valve Improve the valve body material or improve the internal flow component structure of the brake body, improve the service life of the gate valve in the wear-resistant medium pipe. Gate Valve