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Sealing Material Introduction Of Gate Valve

Sep 14, 2017

    Soft seal VALVE Material: valve body material, should be cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, 316L mainly, and indicate the grade and cast iron actual physical and chemical testing data. In view of the above requirements, the valve shaft filler to strive for life or more than 10 years do not change. Valve filler should also be subjected to frequent opening and closing, sealing effect of the permanent; Because of the soft sealed gate valve in the pipe network, usually is not frequent, the requirements of packing in a few years of inactivity, fillers are not aging, long-term maintenance of sealing effect;Gate Valve

    VALVE shaft filler, soft seal gate valve, valve plate lining adhesive material physical Chemistry and hygienic examination data; common wedge-type gate valve, copper ring material, fixed mode, grinding method should be explained; soft sealed gate valve categories, sealing methods and material requirements are different; the material of the sealing surface of the stem bushing, its hardness and strength should not be greater than the stem, And in the condition of water immersion with the stem, the valve body does not form electrochemical corrosion. What is the material requirement of the soft seal gate valve? World Pump Valve Network for you to introduce the soft sealed gate valve of the main parts of the material requirements.Gate Valve

    Stem material, strive for stainless steel stem (2CR13), large-caliber valves should also be stainless steel embedded in the valve stem, soft seal gate valve leakage problem seriously threatens the normal operation of the device, and the operation of the valve is difficult to find whether there is leakage, the investigation results show that various petrochemical enterprises use a variety of valves in varying degrees of internal leakage problems. Gate Valve

    The reason is the valve plate, valve seat of the sealing surface material does not meet the use requirements, processing precision is not enough, valve plate, valve seat wedge angle does not match, sealing surface width is different, poor coincidence, the brake board is not in place, the wait factor.Gate Valve