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Spherical Pressure Of Ball Valve

Oct 30, 2017

Before turning the sphere, loosen the wedge-shaped head, the sphere then restores the original prototype, so that there is a small gap between the sphere and the seat, which can reduce the friction of the seal surface and the operating torque. Ball valve According to its channel position can be divided into straight-through, tee-type and right-angle-type.Ball Valve 

The latter two kinds of ball valves are used to distribute the medium and change the medium of the flow ball valve in the pipeline mainly used for cutting, distributing and changing the flow direction of the medium. Ball valve has been widely used in recent years a new type of valve, it has the following advantages: small flow resistance, the resistance coefficient and the same length of the pipe section is equal.Ball Valve

Simple structure, small size, light weight. Tight and reliable, the current ball valve sealing surface materials widely used plastic, good sealing, in the vacuum system has been widely used. Easy to operate, open and close quickly, from open to full off as long as the rotation of 90 °, easy to control long-distance. Convenient maintenance, simple structure of the ball valve, sealing ring is generally active, disassembly and replacement is more convenient. In open or full closed, the ball and valve seat sealing surface and media isolation, media through, will not cause the valve seal surface erosion.Ball Valve

The sphere of the ball valve is fixed and is not moved after being pressed. Fixed ball valve with floating seat, under the pressure of the media, the seat is moved, so that the sealing ring is tightly pressed on the sphere to ensure sealing. Bearings are usually installed on the upper and lower axes of the sphere, with small operating torque, suitable for high pressure and large caliber valves. In order to reduce the operating torque of the ball valve and increase the reliability of the seal, in recent years, oil seal ball valve, both in the sealing surface pressure injection special lubricants, to form a layer of oil film, that is, enhance the tightness, and reduce the operating torque, more suitable for high-pressure large caliber ball valve. Ball valve and plug valve is the same type of valve, only its closure is a sphere, the ball around the valve body centerline rotation to achieve a open, closed valve.Ball Valve

Fixed ball valve and floating ball valve sealing principle fixed ball valve mainly used in high-pressure large caliber ball valve. According to the different installation of the seat seal ring, the fixed ball valve has two kinds of structure, which is sealed by the front of the sphere and the ball.Ball Valve