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Technical Characteristics And Material Of Fully Welded Ball Valve

Jul 03, 2017

     Welding VALVE Technical Characteristics: 1, welding valve integral structural welding, there will be no external leakage phenomenon. 2, Valve seat by PTFE seal ring and the spring composition of the pressure and temperature changes in the adaptability of strong, in the use of the range will not produce any leakage. 3, valve stem seepage prevention structure, valve stem bottom has 1 PTFE seal gasket and an O-type seal ring, above has 2 O-type seal ring, two PTFE gasket composition, ensure no leakage. 4, the valve body material and the pipeline material same, will not appear the stress unevenness, also will not because the earthquake and the vehicle passes through the ground sometimes squeezes the distortion. 5, Valve body light and easy to keep warm. 6, direct buried type ball valve can be buried directly in the underground, do not build a large valve well, just on the ground to set up a small shallow well, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time. 7, according to the pipeline construction and design requirements to adjust the length of the valve and stem height. 8, the processing precision of the ball is very delicate operation light, no bad interference. 10, there are two types of welding and flange connection. 11, Mode of operation: Handle, gear (vertical/horizontal) 12, in the case of normal operation of the valve, the warranty period of 20 years.Fully Welded Ball Valve
    According to the pressure reasonable selection of gas-fired fully welded ball valve shell material, both to meet the safe operation of the pipeline and to reduce the cost, the purpose of the use, the following is how to choose. Medium pressure B-Class (0.2MPa) below the transmission and distribution pipeline, the proposed use of gray cast iron valve, its biggest advantage is the anti-corrosion performance is good, and the price is cheap, very suitable for underground pipelines; 2, medium pressure a class (0.4MPa) below, even high-pressure B-class (0.8MPa), recommended selection of ductile iron or cast steel, focusing on the selection of ductile iron. Corrosion resistance and casting process are superior to cast steel, the price is also lower than cast steel (generally 70% or so of cast steel) so the overall performance and price of ductile iron valves are superior to cast steel valves, in the above pressure range can be selected ductile iron valve, but in particular to pay attention to the quality of ductile iron material monitoring; 3, in the high-pressure A-class (1.6MPa) or higher pressure level, it is recommended to choose the cast steel valve, the manufacture of 4MPa pressure level below the valve generally selected WCB brand.Fully Welded Ball Valve
     Large caliber fully welded ball valve features large caliber welding ball valve Characteristics: 1, do not need maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy to install, low operating costs under long-term reliable operation. Surface using spray-plastic treatment technology, gloss beautiful, in the domestic leading level. There will be no external leaks. The valve body is welded, so the valve is lightweight and easy to insulate. Installation adjustment mechanism, very simple, operation handle can be removed, reversing installation. 2, because the seat is made of carbon fiber reinforced Teflon seal ring and disc spring, so the pressure and temperature change adaptability, in the labeling pressure and temperature range will not produce any skid. 3, the ball processing process has advanced computer detection instrument tracking detection, so the ball processing precision is high.Fully Welded Ball Valve