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Technical Implementation Of Fully Welded Ball Valve

Oct 19, 2017

Welded ball valve with carbon steel seamless steel pipe compression molding integral ball valve, can withstand impurities and chemical substances in the case of frequent operation, long life. No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy installation, long-term reliable operation at low operating costs.Fully Welded Ball Valve 

Surface spray technology, glossy and beautiful, has been in the leading domestic level. There will be no external leakage and so on. The valve body is welded, so the valve is light and easy to insulate. Installation adjustment mechanism, very simple, the operating handle can be removed, for the installation.Fully Welded Ball Valve All-welded ball valve is enough to use the float, the slope of the elastic seal to ensure that the seal on the ball above the timely pressure in the case of instability, the valve can ensure tight. The valve structure is compact, light weight, easy to heat, easy to install. This valve is normally installed horizontally. All-welded ball valve stem leak-proof structure using two "o" ring, so that the stem is free and sealed tightly. Welded ball valve stem can be lengthened, easy to heat. Can be attached to the deep underground.Fully Welded Ball Valve

The use of the latest engineering and technical methods to maximize the construction of the valve to reduce the control of space, and greatly save construction costs and engineering time, to prevent the risk of gas explosion. Applicable to: City gas: gas output pipeline, the main line and the supply line and other feeder lines. Developed a two-way sealed ball valve seat, changed the traditional ball valve modular seat structure and has a dual piston effect, to meet the dual isolation and discharge of the DIB function requirements, than the traditional double-cut and discharge DBB structure Significant opening and closing torque is small, less technical advantages of supplies, significantly improved the valve seat and the valve between the sealing effect and the valve life.Fully Welded Ball Valve