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The Comparison Of Ball Valve

Jan 17, 2017

Compared with other type valve, pneumatic ball valve has a quarter-turn output torque, start quickly, stable and reliable, applicable widely, and the following several advantages.

1, the thrust bearings reduce stem friction torque, can make the valve stem long smooth and flexible operation.

2, anti-static function: in a sphere, the valve stem and valve body between spring, will be generated switching process of electrostatic export.

3, such as ptfe material has good self-lubrication, and sphere of friction loss is small, so the pneumatic ball valve of long service life.

4, fluid resistance small, pneumatic ball valves are classified all valves fluid resistance in the smallest one, even the pneumatic ball valve, reducing the fluid resistance is small.

5, reliable stem seal: due to the valve stem will only be used as the rotation without lifting movement, the valve stem packing seal is not easy to damage, and sealing ability increases as the medium pressure increases.

6, seat sealing performance is good: use the sealing ring made of elastic material, such as teflon structure is easy to be sealed, and pneumatic ball valve valve sealing ability increases as the medium pressure increases.