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The Proper Use Of The Check Valve

Feb 04, 2017

In the hot water heating system in order to reduce accidents Water hammer can be set in the vicinity of the pressure relief valve bypass pipe between the water circulating pump pressure and suction pipe. In the circulating pump is running, because the outlet side of the pump suction pressure is higher than the pressure side of the valve was closed. The moment when the pump suddenly stopped, pump the water side pressure drastically reduced, while the suction side pressure is significantly increased, in this pressure difference, circulating pump suction side of the line of water that pushed the water side of the check valve to the pump pipeline system, thereby reducing the suction side of the pipe network pressure increased amplitude; to reduce and prevent water hammer damage. Means relief valve on the bypass pipe should be used with less resistance, open and flexible products. Relief larger diameter bypass pipe to reduce water hammer more powerful, can limit under pressure by transient calculations to determine the diameter of the economy.


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