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The Shipping Of Two Casting Steel Wedge Gate Valve 36” 300LB

Jul 04, 2017

We signed the contract with our customer on 9th May 2017,Then we successfully finished two gate valve production on 15th June 2017,and shipped them on 18th June 2017 to Italy on time.

 Details of wedge gate valve:

1.Body : ASTM A216 WCB              

2.Seat Ring :ASTM A105+13Cr

3.Wedge : ASTM A182 F6a

4.Stem:ASTM A182 F6a

5.Gasket : Graphite+SS 304

6.Bonnet : ASTM A216 WCB

7.Backseat: ASTM A276 410

8.Packing: Flexible Graphite

9.Lartern Ring: ASTM A276 410

10.Packing : Braided Graphite

11.Gland : ASTM A276 410

12.Gland  Flange :ASTM A276 410


13.Gear : Assembling

14.Yoke: ASTM A 216 WCB  

15.Eyebolt : ASTM A193 B7  

 16.Nut : ASTM A194 2H 

17.Pin : AISI 1035   

18.Bolt : ASTM A193 B7  

 19.Nut :ASTM A194 2H

20.Bolt : ASTM A193 B7  

 21.Nut : ASTM A194 2H   

 22.Rivet : SS    23.Plate : SS

End Connection : Flange RF;Body & Bonnet Connection : Bolt body & bonnet

Gate Valve Pictures

Finish :


Packaging and Shipping:



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