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The Structure Of The Gate Valve

Aug 28, 2017

                  The gate valve has the fluid resistance small, the suitable pressure, the temperature range is big and so on characteristic, is one of the most commonly used truncation valves, is used for truncating or connecting the medium in the pipeline. The diameter shrinkage can reduce the size of the parts, reduce the required force of opening and closing, and enlarge the application range of the parts. But after the path shrinks. The loss of fluid resistance increases. The domestic low pressure floodgate valve commonly uses the cast iron material, the cast iron gate valve often occurs the valve body freezes the crack, the Floodgate board falls off and so on serious question, the cast iron gate Valve's carbon steel stem is easy to rust, the packing gasket quality is poor, inside and outside leaks seriously. Shanghai Liu Valve production of PN10 low pressure carbon steel gate valve replaced the traditional iron gate valve, effectively resolved the cast iron gate valve shell easy to freeze crack, brake board easy to fall off, valve rod easy to rust, sealing performance is unreliable and so on.Gate Valve

                  1, light weight: The main body is made of advanced ball black cast iron, the weight of the traditional gate valve to reduce the weight of about $number, installation and maintenance convenience.Gate Valve

                  2, the whole package: The Floodgate board uses the high quality rubber to carry on the whole inside, the external rubber, the European first-class rubber vulcanization technology makes the vulcanization board to be able to guarantee the accurate geometrical size, and the rubber and the ball ink cast the gate board then securely, not easy to fall off and the elastic memory

                  3, flat-bottomed brake seat: The traditional gate valve is often after the water washing tube is because of external objects such as stone, block, cement, iron filings, sundries, etc. deposition in the groove of the valve bottom, easy to cause close and can not shut down the formation of leakage phenomenon, elastic seat seal valve bottom with the water pipe with the flat-bottomed design, not easy to cause debris siltation, so that the fluid unimpeded.

                  4, the casting valve body: The valve body uses the precision casting, the precise geometrical size makes the valve body inside without any fine processing can guarantee the valve the tightness.Gate Valve