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The Working Principle And Maintenance Of Flat Gate Valve

Aug 01, 2017

           First, the plate gate valve structure characteristic and the working principle 1, uses the floating valve seat, the bidirectional opening and closing, the seal is reliable, the opening and closing is nimble. 2, the Gate board has the guidance bar to give the precision guidance, simultaneously the seal surface all spray welds the cemented carbide, the erosion resistance. 3, the valve body bearing capacity is high, the channel is the straight-through type, full open, and the gate diversion hole phase through and the straight tube is similar, the flow resistance is very small. The valve stem uses the compound packing, the multiple seals, makes the seal reliable, the friction force is small. 4, close the valve, clockwise turn the wheel, the brake plate moved to the bottom, due to the effect of medium pressure, will be imported seal seat to the gate direction, forming a larger seal pressure, thus forming the first Seal. At the same time, the brake plate is pressed to the outlet end seal seat, becomes the double seal. 5, because the use of double seals, so can not affect the work of the pipeline to replace the vulnerable parts. This is the factory product priority at home and abroad similar products of the important characteristics. 6. When opening the gate, rotate the handwheel counterclockwise, the brake board moves up, the diversion hole and the channel hole are connected. With the rise of the gate, through the hole gradually increased, to the limit position, the diversion hole and channel hole coincide, at this time open.Gate Valve

Second, the use of flat gate valve, maintenance, maintenance and attention to matters 1, the valve before the factory has been tested strength and seal, all joints should be maintained at the initial state.            TWO, this series of valve operation hand Wheel is marked with the headstock sign, the upper part of the Ming pole with the hoist height ruler, for adjustment instructions. 3, the valve and pipeline welding, the valve should be opened, appropriate with moist to protect the neck, as far as possible to reduce high-temperature heat conduction, in order to prevent damage to the sealing filler parts. 4, when closing the valve is strictly prohibited to use the afterburner, when the gate is closed to the top, the handwheel should rotate 1/2 laps to make the brake plate in a floating state. 5, the valve in the course of use, should be regularly injected into the bonnet grease joint quantitative grease. 6, the valve in the course of use, if the leakage due to vulnerable parts, should be replaced in a timely manner. 7, the valve in the overhaul process, should be cleaned in the inner cavity, assembly should be the transmission parts plus grease. 8, the valve storage period, should be in the closing position of the gate, long-term storage should be placed in ventilated dry place, regular inspection and maintenance.Gate Valve