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Usage Of Valve Standards In China

Mar 19, 2017

Valve products have been widely applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, nuclear power, metallurgy, electric power, hydraulic power, large coal chemical industry and other industries. Total quantity of valve products is constantly growing. Valve technology is developing and application of valve is also expanding continuously. Valve standards relative to valve products are showing their importance in at present.
Usage of valve standards in China
Using international standards and foreign advanced standards is an important standardization policy in China. Valve standards are also implementing the policy actively. For basic standards, method standards and product standards, valve standards adopt large numbers of international and foreign advanced standards, highly improving technical level of Chinese valve standards.
1. Using international standards
Most of international standards have been transferred into Chinese standards in different extent. However, some standards have not been transferred yet. In addition, individual international standards will not be transferred because they do not meet Chinese national conditions.
2. Using foreign advanced standards
With construction and carrying out of long-distance pipeline and other key projects in China, relevant standards of American Petroleum Institute (API) attracts more and more attentions in China. API is a nonprofit organization representing exploration, development, storage, refinery and marketing of American oil industry. Standards formulated by API are widely applied around the world. Nowadays, 17 API valve standards have been or are being transferred into Chinese national standards and industrial standards. Besides, combining specific circumstance between Chinese standards and foreign standards, China also adopts MSS, AWWA, ASME, BS, JIS or other partial advanced national or occasion standards.
Using ISO and foreign advanced standards highly improves Chinese standard level and also reduces gap between Chinese valve product and foreign advanced valve products. Some conventional products not only reach to quality of the same foreign products, but also exceed quality of the same foreign products.
The followings are some Chinese valve standards:
GB/T12224-1989 Steel Valves General Requirements
GB/T12225-1989 General Valves Copper Alloy Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T12226-1989 General Valves Gray Iron Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T12227-1989 General Valves Nodular Cast Iron Casting Technical Conditions
GB/T12228-1989 General Valves Carbon Steel Forging Technical Conditions
GB/T12229-1989 General Valves Carbon Steel Forging Technical Conditions
GB/T12230-1989 General Valves Austenitic Steel Forging Technical Conditions
GB/T12232-1989 General Valves Flanged Cast Iron Gate Valve
GB/T12233-1989 General Valves Cast Iron Globe Valves and Lift Check Valve
GB/T12234-1989 General Valves Flanged and Butt Welded Cast Iron Gate Valve
GB/T12235-1989 General Valves Flanged Cast Iron Globe Valve and Lift Check Valve
GB/T12236-1989 General Valves Cast Iron Swing Check Valve
GB/T12237-1989 General Valves Flanged and Butt Welded Cast Iron Ball Valve
GB/T12238-1989 General Valves Flanged and Wafer Butterfly Valve 


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