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Valves Can Be Used On PE Pipeline Directly

Apr 26, 2017

AVK Australia has already supplied a range of valves and fittings that can be butt-welded directly onto polyethylene pipeline without risk of leaks through bolted flanges or mechanical couplings.

Polyethylene (PE) pipepline is gradually being used for a wide variety of utilizations within the oil and gas, water utilities, mining, and irrigation industries. It has particularly become an ideal material  for the gathering lines in Australia’s booming coal seam gas (CSG) industry, with more than 1,000 km of PE pipeline having been installed within the gathering pipeline network in Queensland.

One of the key points of a PE pipeline is that it provides a fully welded ‘no leak’ solution, so when AVK Australia offered a range of valves and fittings that could be butt-welded directly into the lines, the industry could seize the advantages offered by these products as soon as possible.

The various range of sizes, utilizations and conditions under which valves are fitted to the gathering lines requires an equally wide range of products to satisfy these demands. AVK Australia, having a world-class manufacturing facility in Adelaide, South Australia, and backed by the global scale and technology of the AVK Group worldwide, has supplied a wide range of valves to the CSG sector and other industries where PE pipeline is being used.

The reliability and longevity of the AVK resilient seat gate valve which have been proven, together with the convenience and integrity of the installation achieved by butt-welding the PE tail, has made these a compelling option for the CSG industry.

“Some of these products, such as air release valves and our range of PE tail resilient seat gate valves, have only required relatively small modifications compared to the product we routinely supply to the water utilities sector – mainly just material changes to a higher specification of stainless steel for the valve stem, and a change from ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM), which is required for potable water, to nitrile rubber (NBR) elastomers suitable for service in contact with hydrocarbons,” said AVK Brisbane-based CSG Segment Manager Paul Scott.

“Other products, such as a PE bodied butterfly valve with a Dupex stainless steel disc and stem, have been designed, rigorously tested and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of the CSG sector.

“Some of these specific requirements contain a fully butt-welded installation with no possibility of leakage through bolted flanges, no metallic content that can corrode over time and a full bore with very low head loss across the valve and low torque for ease of operation in the field.

“In addition, the ability to mount a position indicator within a fully lockable surface box provided the ease of operation and security demanded by the project principal,” said Mr Scott.

AVK valves comply with all the relevant Australian standards for municipal water, where design life for buried infrastructure is generally a minimum of 50 years. The ability to apply these standards, together with 50 years of experience in supporting the water sector, positions AVK perfectly to offer the most efficient and economic valve solutions to contractors installing valves and fittings onto PE pipelines.

Valves and fittings are available in many different configurations from DN63–630 PE pipelines.

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