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What Is The Fixed Form Of The Ball Valve?

Oct 11, 2017

Ball valve ball valve in a variety of structural forms and types and design standards: classified as internal thread ball valve, socket end ball valve, integral ball valve, the ball valve, three body ball valve, the overall side mounted ball valve, the overall loading ball valve, fixed Ball valve, one-piece ball valve, two-piece ball valve with insulated jacket ball valve, metal seal mounted pneumatic ball valve, oil sealed fixed ball valve, sliding seat float ball valve, front seat seal fixed ball valve, rear seat Sealed ball, three-body fixed ball line ball valve, all welded fixed pipeline ball valve, all welded floating ball valve, screw rod lift rod ball valve, track ball valve.Ball Valve

Sliding seat or sealed cavity ball 5, if necessary, can be set to anti-static or fire-resistant structure GB / T12237-19895 fixed ball valve 1, the flow channel: full diameter 2, the ball support: fixed (shaft). The housing is connected to the top cover: flange. Connection: flange (RF, RTJ), butt welding. Anti-static, fire-resistant structure one-piece ball valve 1, the flow channel: through, shrinkage. The shell is forged steel or cast steel: internal thread compression valve seat, stem anti - blowing structure, thread connection GB / T12237-19897.Ball Valve

Flow channel: full diameter or reduced diameter, left and right shell forged steel or cast steel 3, with internal thread compression valve seat 4, stem anti-blowout structure 5, threaded connection GB / T12237-19898 with insulated jacket ball valve , Flow channel: full diameter or reduced diameter, shell: with forged steel or cast steel, floating ball: PTFE seat, stem seal with packing, packing and pressure plate pressure seal, flange structure: Case with thermal insulation jacket 9 metal seal on the type of pneumatic.Ball Valve

Fixed ball valve ball ball is fixed, after the pressure does not produce movement. Fixed ball valve with a floating seat, by the media pressure, the valve seat movement, so that the seal on the ball to ensure that the seal. Usually with the ball on the lower shaft with bearings, operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter valves. In order to reduce the operating torque of the ball valve and increase the degree of sealing, in recent years there have been oil seal ball valve, both in the sealing surface between the injection of special lubricants to form a layer of oil film, which enhances the seal, but also reduces the operation Torque, more suitable for high pressure large diameter ball valve.Ball Valve